As discussed in Different Perspectives, Different Views I am trying something am a little scare to do . I decide to be part of this youtube collaboration about our lives in wheelchairs. Wish me luck.

My day is Wednesday.

Enjoy. Find it Here. 


The collaboration broke up after the summer 😦 However, It did what I wanted it too and pushed me way out of my comfort zone. In doing so I decide to post videos on my own channel, Under my name. I have been going strong since. My channel is a little different. Yes, it still has things to do with being in a wheelchair and having CP ( called Confessions of a Wheelchair user) But it also has different things like Makeup ( makeup Info) and a Series shot only on my phone ( called iPhone series). I have been loving It. it is forcing me to be more outgoing which is something I been trying to do. I try and take a positive out look on my life for the most part. Hope you stop By and enjoy.






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