Taping A Family Road Trip: The Things I have Learned

I went on a trip lately, a family road trip. As I have always known public transportation and wheelchairs, they don’t seem to agree. But that’s not the only thing on the forefront of my mind. We drove all those miles like 2 oil changes worth in two weeks.. But being a mass communication student … More Taping A Family Road Trip: The Things I have Learned

Life and Doctors

My life is back to the way of a college student,as of this last week. I have come to follow blogs of other that interest me. Okay, I mean I read them every time I log in to make a make a post of my own. I follow some blogs of others who have CP … More Life and Doctors

Enjoying 2013

It’s 2013. We survived. I been doing some reading the last few day and spending the holidays with my family. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and closed out 2012 the way they wanted to. The new year isn’t about partying your way throw it. People like to to make new goals for the new … More Enjoying 2013