Reasons for Confessions Of A Wheelchair User Series

My post popular series of the youtube videos I do is my Confessions of a Wheelchair User. The whole series was the main theme for me to actually pick up filming videos for myself. Sure, doing any video does help maintain and grow my editing and software skills I learned in college.

The series stemmed from my summer series. That series was a channel all on it’s own. It was centered-around our lives in wheelchairs.It is was a new video everyday of  week from everyone new, seven people seven different views on seven completely different lifestyles in different stages of growth. Respectably that channel feel apart after the summer, lives get busy and plans always seem to get away from us.

I came to the conclusion that no matter what happened with that before it ended, I was going to continue. I have continued with a very least about one video a week. I can say that the only disadvantage I have run into is that instead of having a bunch of people to bunch ideas off of I am having to come up with them on my own. Yet, I do have all the control of what content I choose or not to release. This also allows for content to com out on my schedule, which I am trying to change.

Since Halloween I have been wanting to put up four videos a week. I mean any video not just my Confession Of a Wheelchair User. However that never seems to happen for some reason or another, I uploaded a new video a week ago today with all the motivation to keep it going… I ended up catching that cold/flu bug, no excuse!

The Confessions of a Wheelchair User series  is something that should be done correctly. The topics that are chosen for the series tend to be serious and sometimes negative. I want others to see the reality a subpopulation that is different then most. With the release of the last Confessions of a Wheelchair User  I released a email,

I want to know what you want to see.



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