Mall of America Adventures

“Spring Break Up” I took my Thursday of my last spring break and spent at the Mall of America, by myself. This is not my first time at MOA. I have been there 2 other times in my life, however this was my first time alone.

The mall is hugh making its clam to fame as the “largest” mall in America. I went around the mall a couple times on three of the four floors. I was there for about seven hours. Trust me I was ready to leave after an hour a half. Don’t get me wrong am a girl and enjoy new things.

I decided to make the time useful. I need some new pieces for job interviews. Yes scary I am at that point in my life. It will only be a couple months and I will be looking for jobs.
My issue with jobs is that they want 2 years experience , well that might take a while to find..

But back to the mall, someone decided to take a $30 pillow from me. That left me mad, but there is nothing I can do about this.

Fast forward a few hours later, after struggling to find things I like, spending $20 on a wonderful pasta dinner I met my mom.

We decided to stay a few hours longer, because would would have gotten stuck in rush hour. I spent more money. I bought my mom dinner from Johnny rockets , which she hate. The food was cold.

Needless to say It was a productive trip but let me in a foul
mood.. So that the adventure of spring break ..


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