Being There, But Change Comes From Within

I have got a lot on my mind lately. One thing is for sure the last semester of my undergraduate degree is a pile of paperwork. Not that I mind it’s not really hard, more time consuming. There are a few things that have been bugging me lately. One trying to do group work with people who don’t even want to be in the class.

However, that is not the biggest fish i have fry at the moment. I love my what I am doing. Not ever the TON of work I need to finish before I can compete my senior thesis do on the first of May. You see there is this male student I have been trying to help this term. Yes, he in my major. He drives me crazy at times. I understand some things can’t be helped and people push your buttons. He not making me angry. It makes me sad more than anything.

Said person will be called Q from this point on.

I am came back tonight from working my internship tonight, which I quite enjoy, and texted him. I wanted to let him know that our student news cast on our student station will be cancelled for the week, seeing as our station is changing. ( It’s getting reprogramed, and slow but surely going HD for next year we hope.) Q assumed that it was off for a week because our student station manager, AKA also a good friend of mine, one mad at one of our department professors. It kinda upset me that he made a quick judgement about my friend, whom by the way would never let her personal disagreements affect the department.

I personally have put hours of time volunteering and learning ways of our said station. It has shown me how much I love Television work, but that is another post for another time.

Q is older than me, but is pretty much a freshman in the Mass Communications department. My issue with Q is well His attitude at times. Yes patience is differently the key here. Q also has cerebral palsy, but unlike me has a learn disability. Nothing wrong with that.

Having Cerebral has given me in my own rights ups and down. Middle school sucked. High school only got better after my IEP (individual educational plan) manager got in trouble for over stepping her bounds. I was main-streamed something my parents and I had prove that I could do (yet again another story for another time). My mother and grandmother taught me something very important as a child. I learned that I had Cerebral Palsy, not the other way around. I was (insert my name here- If you know it).

Q grow up different from me. I don’t know the full story nor claim too. I never met his mom, dad, twin brother (who also as a Cerebral Palsy), little sister or any other family of his. I am not here to judge ever situation and child are different. I would never say anything. I watch my own parents struggle to make the right choices for me. His parents, my parents or any parents for that matter are given a manual on how to raise a child,  one with a disability is no different.

The whole reason I am writing this because I want to help Q. I don’t know how. I have asked my friends, friends of friends. There is no answer. Q needs to look with himself and work out his issues, easier said than done, I know.

Talking at the talk shall I say as Q does bugs me. He is a wonderful person, but need to love himself. He is not only hurting himself, but the people around him. I don’t want the professors or other students to think that some with Cerebral Palsy can’t do it, because we can. I have work so hard to prove that at this school it Upsets me to see him use as a way out of work. It’s not his CP it’s his other issues.  I have been telling  him to surround himself with good people and things he loves.

For me it’s quotes,  the contrast of black and white, and Halloween, It works for me.

Maybe Just Maybe I can show him how Cerebral Palsy is not a dead end game, but just means you may have to take the long away round.

One thing is for sure I am better for knowing him. I am mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and few select other taught I worth it. I feel bad that I have some much working out for me, and he doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong not everything always works out for me.  It going to be an up hill battle to get to survey minors in a couple high schools for my senior thesis, but I believe in it.

Bumping into Adam’s Facebook ( and old his school friend that also has CP ) has made me comforted in fact that I don’t feel along in this. Adam has also had to work hard to prove that he is worth it in society. He still working on his degree but is two years older than me. He lives on own, in an apartment, holds a job, has long time Gf, and goes to school.

You can doit,  if you enjoy your life give it everything you got. Not saying I don’t have struggles my friends know that better than anyone, but who does not?


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