Use Make Up For Yourself Not Others

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  I always talk about being yourself and happy. This who I am. I also have been exploring the idea of Make-Up. I am not talking about costume make-up.  I am not crazy with like it may seem. I love the idea of making yourself who you want to be. I am chasing my dream of working at a television station  by going to school. 

Makeup has been helping feel better about myself. If I want to wear gold I wear gold, Eye shadow that is. If I want pink, i do pink.  

There is nothing wrong with it. However, should not mask who you are.  It should only help you express who you truly are. 

So I been looking at youtube video over christmas break. Some young girls take it to the way extreme. Sure I love my new Urban Decay optical Burring Brush and My Naked  Skin foundation along with Urban Decay EyeShadows, but I am Also 22-years-old. I never wore more that an Chapstick type product in tell college. Call my parents old school, but so be it.   I  have learned I did not need makeup to be happy. yes, a lot of girls in high school wore a lot of it. If that what they want to do, and their parents allowed it so be it.  I do like now. It has taken me months to figure out how to apply it somewhat correctly. I have tried both drug store and high-end make up. 

The only reason I even wear high-end makeup is because the drug stuff tends to break me out. I don’t want to throw my money way. It was something I became really interested into this summer, when I decide that I did not keep burning my face every summer, more than once. I am a pretty pale white women.  

Yes, i do own other products by other companies including my Make-Up Forever HD foundation. It is nice but sometimes to full coverage aka fake for me.  I tend go neutrals with light foundation to cover the reediness in my face, occasional i do wear black-eye liner.  I don’t do it for anyone else. I do for myself. 



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