Busting Throw that Bubble

Every morning for the last week or so, I find my self wanting to work on this blog or my other one. I know they are are lacking lately. I really always want to put up well thought up ideas, that can be challenging. I have about a hour or so before I have to run to a news meeting.

The first couple weeks back to college were the same. Freshman fashion shows’ at 8 am in the morning. At 8  in the morning, it is a site to be scene. Before you say anything, Looking nice is not a crime. I myself dressed nice today for class. It was to get me throw my day today. I played with my curls I  had put in my hair this morning. It can get kinda boring having class back to back, but that is another story.
I find myself doing a lot of school work this semester already. Taking mostly 4000 level classes will do that to you. I been having to remind myself to have the strength to be how I am meant to be. it’s not alway easy to not care what other think of you. But I Must.  Having Cerebral Palsy most of anything has made me very very worried about that. I find now, that I feel embarrassed about for a little bit after it, However in the the moment I find myself really enjoying it. This is the one life I have got. I could go about caring what others think and live in box, which I have done.
But I am learning how to be happy with myself. That means  wearing things that not everyone likes, playing with makeup and such,and  doing things out of my comfort zone.
Who knows who I will be.. But for now, I feel like excepting myself will always be something I have to think about. 

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