Spring break 2013

As of late I have become a bit of a gamer. Spring break this year has had it ups and downs. More than I care to share at times. But I did get some gaming in .

My Xbox 360 is quite fun. If you would have asked me that last year my answer would not have been the
same. I not big into shooting games. Not everyone is. Then my friends an family members have said

“more people I know have a Xbox because they wanted to play one game or because they want to party chat.”

Sure party chatting can be quite fun. I done some with my brothers , it is not all I have begun to love about my Xbox. They customizable which is great. I like games like Fable 2-3or old Playstation 2 classics I played as preteen. My game choices don’t really mesh with family and friends always. But that why I like it there are many choices.

So besides my Xbox . I have been playing the Sims 3 university . I have been playing the Sims 3 since it was released back in the Summer of 09. University is its newest expansion pack. Yes, I sent my sims to college, while I was on break from my real college. The game is over all better then the on do Sims 2. But, it’s full of gitches. Save often . Plant sims are my favorite. It took. Forever for me to learn how to make one. But they are adorable. You need gardening level 7, and science level 3. Find the seeds in grave yard’s catacombs. It took a day of gaming and googling to figure it out. The only thing I dislike about the game besides the glitches, are the social groups. I wish you could turn them off, you can’t.

So. There is an inside in my gaming. And no i didn’t play video games. All day, it every day of break.


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