Is San Diego ADA? Maybe?

Point Loma, San Diego Ca

As I sit here waiting to get let into work, let’s talk. This last week my mom and I flew out to California for a week. Well, we went to go visit with some family which we did. I learned one major thing. California is not a place for me.

It’s not really handicap friendly in San Diego unless you live downtown. The sidewalk are really unleveled and filled in with tar in someplace. Not right huh? There even was a 1inch gap between the tar and the sidewalk ramp in a couple place. You hit just right or you get stuck, it happens. I still more to say about the sidewalks some of them are so angled you be lucky not to fall over. I know it’s Cali but come on. Most of building you can get into. You have to go around, but that’s like anyplace I have seen.

The buses are wonderful easy to get into with fold out ramps and 2 places for wheelchairs. The drivers are very friendly and helpful. The one draw back the schedule. San Diego Bus Line

Seaworld was fun. You can see everything. The whale shows are worth the 25 mins.

The world famous San Diego zoo was okay, but not all its cracked up to be. It’s Huge there no way you can see it In a day. The have a shuttle you use and will need to the hills are a major problem there pretty high. The safety railings are high too. Be fair warned. You do a lot of waiting. The bus tour moves fast and you can’t see to much from where you get tied down. The people are very very nice tho.

Old Town Trolley Tours
They’re wonderful. So do them. They do however, have drawbacks for people in wheelchairs. One they have 2 lift trolleys. You have call 24 hours head, everyone else doesn’t . Of u get off at one of stops be fair warned u have to wait 2 and a half hours to get picked up again, everyone else it its every half hour. So in short you really can’t do what you want,but the drivers are nice.

The cabs are okay some are even wheelchair friendly. Okay but the dispatcher for one was not so friendly. They only run the ADA ones tell 3pm. so if your interested in night life forget it.

This had me wondering this week. Do they want us locked away? Why does everyone else have 24 public transportation? I can not give you anything. I don’t bit. After all I am human. Just because I can’t stand and take steps on my own, does that make me any different than you? I would beg to say not. I am 21 well educated and bond not to let that stop me.


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