Content Equals Photo

I don’t post everyday. It wouldn’t be the blog it is if I did. My friend Joe does.  Yes I know him in real life. Our blogs are completely different. He is alot better at posting then I am. But, Then I came to think it’s not about how often you post it is its content. So … More Content Equals Photo

Love.. Nope I Am Single

Yep, Valentine’s day is tomorrow and everything is in full swing. I haven’t been with anyone on this holiday in a long time. I find it hard to find someone who understands my issues, yet sees me as a normal person. I will find someone, someday. 

I Am Only Human

I am human I have emotions. I cry, I react to stress and everything around me. Having what I do. doesn’t make it easy. But, nothing ever worth having is every easy. I don’t live in box. I see things, I live.