Life and Doctors

My life is back to the way of a college student,as of this last week. I have come to follow blogs of other that interest me. Okay, I mean I read them every time I log in to make a make a post of my own. I follow some blogs of others who have CP too, several different bloggers. I can say I not one to always talk about having it. Don’t get me wrong I am not ashamed by any means. This is the life I was given and I will live it. But, talking about is not always on my my mind like some others. That is not a bad thing. If that helps the person, please do so. It’s nice to see inside the minds of people who have what I do, around my age.
For me it’s not a coping or healing thing. I have found I only need to express it when I am upset about it. Some people making speak/writing about CP there life’s work. I will Always have it, it will alway a cloud in my life, apart of what has shaped me to be the woman I am today. I mostly thank my family for that, not all of them. Most don’t understand, but the ones that have, have made a lasting impact on me .
I do not wake up, and say man I Have Cp.
I wake up and think these things:
1. Dam my alarm going off
2. Who posted random stuff on facespace today?
3. Did I do all my homework?
4. What am I going to wear today?
5. What’s the plan?
6. Ect

As you can see. I try my best to live my life with out thinking about my Cerebral Palsy. Don’t get me wrong it’s one of those things that is forever on my mind. When I go some where I haven’t been before, like this little vacation/ family visiting trip I am going on later today (excited!) I think about. It took me in tell these last couple years to come to terms with the label being disable, seeing as I don’t think of it that way. I am just simply me the good, bad and ugly. But I always known my own body braking point and what I can and can’t do. I will reach all my dreams and goals one day.

But, this post came from reading one blogs I follow’s recent post. I made the choice at 18 to stop seeing doctors every 6 months for my CP. I am not asking for your opinion on that. it was one best choices I made so far in life. You see, not going to doctor all the time had given me chance to be “normal”, and to see myself that way. Sure it wouldn’t be the right choice for everyone. It was for me. The check up every six months was to add more stuff to my chart. Honesty, that’s how I feel about it. I can and will go back to the doctors if I feel like I need to. But for now, I am fine.


3 thoughts on “Life and Doctors

  1. We just started a blog ourselves and came across yours by searching “cerebral palsy.” My boyfriend also has a mild form of CP that effects just his legs. He was recently matched with a service dog and that prompted us to start the blog.
    This post reminded him so much of him. He just had to see the doctor for some forms for the dog. He had not been in 2 years. His doc and I gave him a hard time about that. I see the doctor at least twice a year myself (we are over a decade older than you!).
    It also really struck me how you mentioned trying to not think about CP as much as possible. He is like that as well. I spend a lot more time thinking about issues concerning people with disabilities than he does. Since the blog was started, though, he finds himself looking for more information about CP and other diabilities, resources for people with disabilities, and information about service animals. Suddenly there is an awakening to make his experience with CP into a message. We just realize there are so many young people with CP who may be struggling with this need to feel “normal” and parents who don’t know how to support them. We want to be there for them.
    Just some food for thought. CP is not easy, but it makes you stronger. At least that is how I see him; A strong, kind, beautiful man BECAUSE of his CP, not despite it.

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