A Little Place Called “Home”

How is your starting out to be ?

My mind is racing tonight. So, Lets think school is about to start again for me as it many other college students. The routen of of life we soon get back to that normal. I am sure. I seem to live two different life styles. My home ( my parents) is were I grow up, that place with all the memories and my sometimes ( okay more than sometimes) crazy brothers are, the place that I come home to. It can be ” drama heaven”, but also the reality I sometimes need. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t have to be.

It has nothing to do with the house we live in, although we been here for a big part of my childhood. Family is family and they make it home. There is just that feeling when you walk into the door, love. Don’t matter where I have been, or how long I have been gone. I don’t have knock or let them know I am coming, I can just walk right in.

Dorothy was right there’s definitely no place like home!


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