Haters Hate, People Change

Haters are going to hate. Laying here on my phone, I can’t get that thought out of my head. Reminds me if the song “haters” by Hillary Duff, that came out when I was a young teenager.

I never made any statement, that I am perfect. I am no were near perfect, nor will I ever be.. I am just starting to figure out who I am. Everyone has the right not to like that. Be my friend, like me or not, I am me. I will always be kind and respectful, Like my mother taught me.

There is always going to Be someone who does not like you. Let them hate. I have wasted to much time trying to get people to like me.

I am no longer going to let people push me over. Has that ever happened to you?

Things change, people change. Some people are going to hate and some people just change and part ways. I’ve been looking at this in terms of friendship. People who you thought would be your BFF, arn’t always going to be. They don’t always hate. Some just grow apart. While, here comes the problem, how do you let that friendship go? After dealing with the question my self and doing so reading, there is no easy answer. I wish there was, but wishes don’t always come true. Sad I know.

Growing up is never easy, nor I am I anywhere finished. You only grow with everything you do. Also, in my parents’ eyes I will forever and always be their little girl.Growing up however does change you, for that is what it is. I bring this up because 2 children who are friends can grow up to be nothing alike. Neither is good nor bad.

So why haters and people changing all in the same post? What do they have in common? Sometimes people begin to hate, people they once loved, because they have changed. It’s not fair or right, but not everything is or will be.

One thing I have come to except lately is that you can’t change the haters. I also learned you not always living if fit in a little box. You should always be yourself ! You can’t change others, only yourself. But don’t let others change you, only change if do it yourself.


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